What Clients Say

. . . Catherine was my first experience of being coached by qualified Coach. I was very impressed by the structured and efficient approach that she had. The session notes helped a lot to keep me focused and on track, and were very clear and concise.

What I learnt the most from Catherine, was self-discipline and organization. As she was very persistent in focusing me on the actions that I had agreed to take within the time frames that we had agreed.

I thought she was tough, yet at the same time caring, who could be honest with me and challenged me, helping me to step outside my comfort-zone, to make real progress.

I enjoyed the mentoring that I received from her too; it was very valuable in relation to me understanding what was required of me to complete my Coaching Qualification. I would not hesitate to use her again, especially for my career orientated goals, as Catherine gets results! Thank you

VERITY SAWYER (Hatha Yoga Teacher) – Horsham, West Sussex
Gold StarsJan 2015


. . . I found my sessions with Catherine to very productive, as they helped me to reflect and identify key things in my life. At the end of each session I felt so positive, and always felt so excited and enthusiastic at the prospect of the next session.

From the very start, I had an instant connection with Catherine and felt very at ease. She was so warm and understanding, yet very professional and efficient in her approach. She is extremely skilled in helping you to unlock your potential and motivating you to be the best you can be. I’m SO appreciative of the assistance and support that Catherine has given me.

SHARON JOHNSTON (Clinical Specialist –Liaison Psychiatry) ENFIELD
Gold StarsOct 2014

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. . . I was suffering from knee problems and Catherine was recommended from a friend.

I booked 5 Reiki Sessions and felt such a great relief during those sessions. The experience has definitely made a positive impact on my life, whereas before I was riddled with pain. Now it’s drastically reduced, I can live a more normal life.

I found Catherine to be very empathic, yet professional with a positive energy. I would highly recommend her.

LINDA GOLDMAN (Dental Hygienist) London
Gold StarsMay 2014

JODIE Jan 2014 - Copy(2)COACHING (Business)
…”I found the experience of receiving coaching from Catherine an excellent one! We have had fantastic rapport right from the first conversation. Catherine has a very warm and open style making it easy to connect. I feel like I have made leaps and bounds in my personal journey, all down to Catherine. The most pivotal moment springing from an incisive question – “Where does your passion lie?”… The answer to this question has changed the course of my business for the better, and I am now moving full-steam ahead.

Catherine has great intuition, and always pushed me and supported me at the right moments. The challenges laid down never felt daunting; they have always been well-placed and timely. Further to having found focus and a new direction for my business, Catherine also supported and guided me through a major life decision. The result being that I moved to Canada at Christmas! This is major, but full of promise and potential.

I’m very excited about the next chapter in my life, and all I can do is say… “THANK YOU” to Catherine for her guidance, coaching and support. ‘Thank You’ doesn’t feel like enough!”

Jodie Rogers (Motivational Speaker) – Canada
Gold StarsJan 2014

Blerina portrait - BLACK & WHITE(1)COACHING
…Catherine has been my coach since 2012 helping me qualify for my Diploma. With a little break in between, I contacted Catherine again back in 2013, this time to help me complete the final steps towards my qualification.

Since we first got in touch, I had an instant connection with Catherine, and every time we spoke I felt uplifted, motivated and so full of ideas and energy.

Catherine has been a rock to me with regards to helping me towards my qualification, and not only that, I also feel I can trust & open up to her, and found myself always looking forward to our sessions.

Thanks to Catherine I picked-up where I had left off, with the studies and more, she motivated me to the extent that I was able to complete a lot of things in very short space of time

I also feel like I have made a good friend too. I would highly recommend Catherine without a doubtes
Thank you so much Catherine for all your support and guidance, I don’t know what I would have done without you there.

Blerina Meca (Life Coach) North West London
Gold StarsNov 2013

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…”I’ve struggled with back pain for a while, having tried both conventional treatments and other remedies. After a series of Reiki Sessions, I’ve finally felt relief, with the joy of having a great night’s sleep.

Catherine is SO pleasant, always showing great understanding & empathy towards my situation, to which I’m immensely grateful. I highly recommend Catherine and her Reiki treatments”.

SEEMA PATEL (Senior Brand Director) – West London
Gold StarsSept 2013

…”Catherine was exactly the person I was looking for at the right moment! She coached me on my lack of self-confidence, and helped me trust my own plans for my journey.

Catherine is a very friendly and motivating person, who always focused on the important points that I wanted to concentrate on. She is always very helpful, and her positive attitude made me trust her straight away”.
SABINE MAJDALANI (Operations Manager) – South London UK
Gold StarsAugust 2013

…”Catherine has been a great help to me in modelling effective coaching strategies that I can use myself in developing my practice. She approaches her work with clear integrity and infectious positivity, while maintaining a very clear, professional manner. Highly recommended for anyone wanting to move forward in life”.

JULIAN ARMISTEAD (Writer / Teacher) – Oxford UK
Gold StarsJune 2013

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…”I would highly recommend Catherine as a life coach; she has been a great support and a natural motivator.

With Catherine’s help I was able to set realistic goals with positive outcomes which proved to be solution-focused. There were times when I thought there were no other alternatives, but her positive attitude and thought-provoking questions benefited me a lot and I surprised myself by creating options for myself.

Catherine is a very reliable person and a great listener, and she always summarised perfectly throughout our sessions, I always felt listened to.

I am very grateful for all Catherine’s help, I was fortunate to have been coached by her, she helped with the development of simple strategies which seemed challenging to-begin-with and was turned into a positive.

Catherine’s contribution always left me feeling optimistic”.

NYELA REID (NHS Manager) – Wembley Middlesex UK
Gold StarsMay 2013

…”When I first contacted Moorganics, I felt lost, confused, disillusioned and frustrated with how my life was. I had ideas, which were fragmented and dis-ordered, with no real direction.

In my Coaching sessions with Catherine, I found clarity in what I wanted, and a deeper self-awareness of my skills and strengths. I also developed the confidence to pursue my life passions and create a plan of action to bring them to fruition.

With the Theta, I was able to identify & change my limiting self-beliefs, and replace them with a more positive mind-set.

In working with Catherine, I found her to be a lovely, warm and supportive person, yet professional & honest. I’ve been to others for help, but what sets Catherine apart from them, is that she has great “natural” rapport, and is a very likable, magnetic person, whose optimistic enthusiasm is so inspiring, that you feel really uplifted at the end of each session.

My life has radically changed for the better, with NEesBEGINNINGS & OPPORTUNITIES, for which I’m immensely grateful to Catherine, who I highly recommend!”

JAMES CROWDY (Health Professional) – Spain
Gold StarsApril 2013

ElaineMENTORING (Business)
…”Catherine really helped me gain clarity on various issues, and simplified a lot of mind-clutter that was preventing me moving forward. Her supportive and caring nature, combined with her humour & expertise in getting to the heart of the issue and drawing out the best in me as a client, make her a real pleasure to work with (

ELAINE GLEESON – (Corporate Trainer & Coach) Greenford, Middx UK
Gold StarsMar 2013

…”Working with Catherine really made me think about the various parts of my Business and Life. She has very sound knowledge of Business and Personal Development, and doesn’t leave any stone unturned. She’s on your side, totally wanting the best for you.

If you want to move forward with various aspects of your life or business …..She’s the one!”

LORRAINE PALMER (Menopause Coach) Wolverhampton
Gold StarsFeb 2013

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…”My sessions with Catherine enabled me to be objective, examine my actions, and channel my energy in the appropriate direction.

Tasks were no longer ‘challenges’ but merely ‘tick boxes’, helping me to achieve.

She is perceptive, and her questions are thought-provoking. Her gift of making you feel at ease, meant that at the end of each session, I felt I had just had a conversation with myself!

I can best describe Catherine as my own personal lighthouse – guiding me safely home, steering me and keeping me on course.”

LIBBY KITSON (Founder of EROL Consulting Ltd) – Kensington, UK
Gold StarsJan 2013

Star Rosette - Copy

…”Being coached by Catherine is one fantastic experience! She is very supportive & motivating, and her questions were thought-provoking, which helped me to reach my set goals within the set time. I strongly recommend Catherine for her fantastic skills!”

CHARITY EVWIERHOMA (Nurse) – Shepherds Bush, UK.
Gold StarsDec 2012

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…”I’ve been a long-time sufferer from regular headaches & migraines, which really improved when I received the Reiki from Catherine.

The Reiki sessions were so soothing and relaxing, resulting in initially significantly reducing the pain, then further sessions eventually stopped the pain.

I also booked Reiki Sessions for my toddler Daughter, when she was unwell with an upset stomach, loss of appetite, with a high temperature and diarrhoea.

Catherine was so empathic and reassuring during this distressful time. And after the Reiki Sessions, my little girl noticeably perked-up, relieved from the diarrhoea and high temperature, and regained her appetite”.

Catherine, THANK YOU SO MUCH for all your help! Reiki works, it’s truly amazing. I recommend it to Everyone.

SAM SINCLAIR (Branch Executive) – Greenwich UK
Nov 2012
Gold Starsx8

. . . “Catherine has generously given me a wealth of support and encouragement when I was struggling to complete my own Coaching studies. I have also benefitted from many of the Coaching tools that Catherine has learnt from her own studies, together with her expertise in maintaining focus and discipline.

Catherine has given me the confidence to develop my skills to become an effective “Retirement Coach” – Thank You Catherine!

…I wish you every success in your endeavours and I feel certain that you will have a wonderful and profound impact on everyone you come into contact with”.

PRADIP MISTRY (Retirement Coach) Essex UK
Gold StarsOct 2012

. . . I have benefitted enormously from my coaching sessions with Catherine. She has helped me in moving forward in my journey to complete the Personal Performance Diploma in Coaching. She has also helped me to identify my limiting beliefs, strengths, weaknesses and barriers, such as procrastination, that I have put in my own way. I now have the confidence to develope my skills to become an effective Life Coach. Thank you Catherine!
OLGA McKAY (Director at Dwyer McKay Achieve Ltd) Harrow, Middx.
Gold StarsSept 2012

Star Rosette - Copy

. . . “I came to Catherine feeling depressed and demoralised, with very low self-esteem, after the collapse of a 17 year relationship, and work-related challenges. I had received Counselling elsewhere, but still struggled to motivate myself to move forward.

Catherine just seemed to intuitively connect to my situation, using the Combined Treatment Programme. She was empathic and non-judgemental, as she helped me to re-discover my passion for life, and re-build my self-esteem. Catherine also empowered me to find the answers from within, and strategies to move forward, as well as remain focused.

I feel so inspired by Catherine’s dedication and ability to make you feel the centre of the universe. Whilst I’m still on a journey, I feel much more positive about the future, and have immense gratitude to Catherine for her support which I highly recommend!”
VICTORIA WRIGHT (Care Worker) – Harrow, Middx.
Gold StarsAugust 2012

Star Rosette - Copy

. . . “I’m an Actress who has privately battled with low-self esteem, lack of confidence & bouts of depression, yet Outwardly, I put on a confident facade.

With Catherine’s help, and receiving a combined programme of treatments, I’ve dealt with some of my issues, and found my inner strength. As a result, I gained the confidence to audition & successfully gain a role in a film.

In a fickle industry, along with some aspects of the Media, it would undoubtedly spark unwanted attention, if I were to reveal my identity, but I wanted to share my success, albeit anonymously. I now have a new lease of life, to which I’m immensely grateful to Catherine. I have recommended her services to others. Thank You Catherine”.
Gold StarsName Witheld – July 2012

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. . . “As a first time recipient of Theta healing, I was amazed by the rapidity into which Catherine went into a Theta state and recognised my present issues. I felt incredibly relaxed and trusting of the environment, feeling protected and a warm surge of loving energy flowing through me.

Catherine is a kind and very gentle woman, understanding what it is like to have and to deal with issues of a very sensitive nature. She sent me healing over the phone which proves there are no parameters to this wonderful form of healing, and I am looking forward to receiving more ThetaHealing from Catherine”.
HELEN TAYLOR (Handwriting Analyst) London UK
Gold StarsJuly 2012

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. . . “I’m a 1st time Mother of a 1 year old, and I’ve had deep moments of joy & wonderment, together with periods of worry and fatigue. Catherine has been a pillar of support. I had post-natal depression, which dramatically improved with a combined programme of Reiki, for my low energy levels & Theta, for my emotional issues.

In addition, Reiki Sessions helped to gently calm & relax my baby when he was fretful with teething. Reiki also helped relieve & reduce his Cold symptoms and nappy rash.

Myself & my Baby have richly benefitted (and continue to do so) from Catherine’s services, which I recommend wholeheartedly”.
CHLOE MARSHALL – Kensington London UK
Gold StarsJune 2012

Star Rosette - Copy

. . . “Catherine has a very empathetic approach to coaching, completely understanding issues, and able to enthuse and energise in difficult situations. Her optimism is infectious and her appraisal of the good work I have done, made me realise my own capabilities and skills in a very positive way. She has provided me with the knowledge that I am the healer of my own dis-eases, and am the only one that can encounter very intrepid journeys to achieve my ultimate goals. Thank you Catherine!”
HELEN TAYLOR (Handwriting Analyst) London UK
Gold StarsMay 2012

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. . . “Coaching with Catherine has helped me develop new strategies and enhanced my existing skills.

It has also helped me to form a deeper level of self-awareness, together with a positive attitude, that has improved the quality of my life and the lives of those around me, giving me greater Balance and Harmony both Personally and Professionally”.
JODY CHATHAM (Finance Manager) Washington USA
Gold StarsApril 2012

Star Rosette - Copy

. . . “I have nothing but Praise and Appreciation for the work Catherine has done in helping me improve my health using Theta”.
CYNTHIA TAYLOR (Senior Lecturer) Ontario, Canada
Gold StarsMar 2012

Star Rosette - Copy

. . . “Catherine, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! I could never have done it without you. I can’t wait to work on my New Goal in our new Coaching Sessions!”
FLO LING (Technical Designer) – London, UK
Gold StarsFeb 2012

. . . “Catherine is an amazing person and friend. She has excellent Business knowledge, a great motivator and now Health Guru. She has great vigour and vitality, and I will definately be working with her again to help in my path to greatness!

I would definately recommend your services to any Business needing clarity and direction”.
DIONNE IBLE (Mosaic Artist & Creative Practitioner) Luton Beds
Gold StarsJan 2012

Star Rosette - Copy

. . . “I had a painful shin. The Reiki helped ease the pain. I was able to rest and get a good night’s sleep. I was pleased with the results.
I would recommend Catherine’s Reiki services. My son recommends it very highly as well”.
ZEB ALI – Kenton, Middlesex, UK
Gold StarsJan 2012

Star Rosette - Copy

. . . “During the last year, I have been going through a transitional period where I came to a “cross-roads” and found it very difficult making decisions.

I always felt empowered, inspired, and in control again after spending time with Catherine. She has the ability to provide you with the tools that is lying dormant inside of you. She reveals the power within you.

Her art of working with me was done with such love and sincerity that I feel it is the essence of our successful sessions. I am always able to move on and accomplish greater things. I thank you Catherine, as you have contributed greatly to my wonderful being and my life successes”.
NOLENE SHEPPARD – Trinidad, West Indies
Gold StarsDec 2011

Star Rosette - Copy

. . . “Using Theta, Catherine is re-assuring & understanding. Her phrasing is clear & accurate.
I am able to connect to Catherine & I enjoy involving her & the Creator within my life. I consider her to be an important part of my life now”.
LOUISE M (Teacher) – Kent, UK
Gold StarsNov 2011

Star Rosette - Copy

. . . “If I were to use 3 words to describe Catherine, they would be INSPIRING, EMPATHIC & YOUTHFUL. I’ve been to other people for help, but Catherine is the real deal, she’s helped me change my life for the better”.
Gold StarsOct 2011

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