About Reiki

2  Jap GdnReiki (pronounced Ray-Key), is a Japanese word, which is usually translated as “Universal Life-Force Energy”.

The word Reiki is divided into two parts…

ReiUniversal energy outside all living things

Ki –   Life force energy inside all living things

Dr Usui

The name Reiki is also given to an Ancient Holistic system of natural Complementary Therapy, which was re-discovered and developed in Japan in the early 1900s, by Dr Mikao Usui (a Japanese Buddhist Priest), who widely practiced and  taught Reiki from his clinic in Tokyo.


What Is Reiki?

Reiki is a gentle and effective natural Complementary Therapy, which uses a hands-on technique, to help your mind and body return to its natural balance, leading to a restorative and healthy state. It can be used to work-on and improve many conditions, imbalances, disharmony or energy blockages within your body. The practice also helps promote Relaxation, Health and Wellness, which is beneficial for relieving you of stress and anxiety.


What To Expect From A Reiki Treatment

The method of receiving an Active Reiki treatment from a practitioner is a very simple process.

~ You can lie (fully clothed) on a couch/bed, or sit upright in a comfortable chair and relax.

~ The Practitioner’s hands are placed lightly on, or just above your body, palms down, using a series of 12-15 positions.

~Each position is held for about 2 – 5 mins

Typically, the Practitioner delivers at least four sessions, ranging from 30 mins to 1½ hours per session (as appropriate).Reikican be used to treat your whole body, or specific symptoms and conditions.

Principles of Reiki

Reiki F.A.Q’s

Q. Can Reiki Conflict with Conventional Medicine?
A. No, Reiki can enhance the positive effects of Medicine

Q. Can Reiki Be Used With Other Therapies or Treatments?
A. Yes, Reiki can be used in conjunction with conventional medical treatments, as well as Complimentary Therapies. It works in harmony with other forms of treatments, including drugs, surgery, or any other form of alternative care, and can enhance and improve results.

N.B. Reiki can be used alongside, not instead of medical care. If you think you are suffering from a medical issue, please consult a doctor first.

Q. Is Reiki a Religion?
A. No, Reiki is not a Religion, and is not dependant on any Religious Belief

Q. What Can Be Treated with Reiki?
A.Reikican have a positive effect on most forms of illness and negative conditions. It can provide relaxation, and help clear stress and negative emotions.

Reiki can be used on the following:

~ Illness
~ Injuries ~ Stress
~ Disease ~ Recovery After Surgery ~ Depression
~ Physical Pain ~ Negative effects of medication ~ Children & Babies
~ Insomnia ~ Distress in terminal illness ~ Pets and animals


 …”Reiki Sessions helped to gently calm & relax my baby when he was fretful with teething. Reiki also helped relieve & reduce his Cold symptoms and nappy rash.Myself & my Baby have richly benefitted (and continue to do so) from Catherine’s services, which I recommend wholeheartedly.”
CHLOE MARSHALL – Kensington London UK
June 2012

…”A-list stars such as Nicole Kidman and Angelina Jolie are reputed to use the calming powers of Reiki to deal with stresses and strains of stardom!”

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