About Life Coaching

COACHING WordsLife Coaching is a solution-focused approach to Personal Development. It is a powerful tool used to enable YOU to discover and commit to a new sense of direction and purpose, and enabling you to bridge the gap from where you are now, to where you would like to be.

It’s a technique that uses effective questions to facilitate you into finding your own answers and take control of your life. Above all, coaching is about RESULTS, that can be seen, experienced, and measured.

The process inspires YOU to create your best life, as you embark on your unique journey towards fulfilment.

Road-to-successAs we travel on our journey through life, seeking the road to success, fulfilment, joy and happiness, we sometimes stumble upon road-blocks and other obstacles, which halt us in our stride. This can oftentimes lead you to stagnate, feeling stuck, causing you to come off your path, resulting in a lack of motivation and low self esteem.

Receiving Coaching, helps you to re-polarise, and keep on-track.

Most highly successful people employ the services of a Coach, whether it be in Sport, Music, Acting, Business or Personal.  These are the people, who (with the support of their Coach) stay FOCUSED, have a PLAN, and TAKE ACTION to create the life they love, with the positive manifestations being clear for all to see.

The Role of a Life Coach

TICK Becomes your partner in defining a better future TICK Supports you in getting a better focus of what is important in your life
TICK Encourages you to set achievable Personal & Professional Goals, keeping you focused & committed to the outcome TICK Assists you to achieve clarity & confidence to work through issues that are holding you back
TICK Helps unlock your potential, so that you can maximise performance TICK Motivates you to break boundaries to achieve the things you once thought were beyond you
TICK Galvanises you towards renewed drive & passion, to help improve your worklife balance

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Coaching Programs

Making lifestyle changes can be difficult, however, even the smallest changes are the key to altering behaviour or situations that work against you.

FinanceOur Coaching Programs are carried out mostly via phone, or can be done in person. They consist of one-to-ones, providing a series of Coaching Sessions over a period of months, during which time, we will identify problem areas together, and  develop a tangible plan of action to solve them to move you forward.

We also provide Coaching Workshops  Specialising in Building Confidence and Raising Self Esteem.


How do YOU Benefit

TICKLearn how to be empowered to make sustainable lifestyle changes

TICKDiscover new and effective strategies to improve your life

TICKBe supported as you make your lifestyle transformation

TICKExperience a new lease of life, and ultimately the evolution of YOU


. . . Coaching with Catherine has helped me develop new strategies and enhanced my existing skills.

It has also helped me to form a deeper level of self-awareness, together with a positive attitude, that has improved the quality of my life and the lives of those around me, giving me greater Balance and Harmony both Personally and Professionally.

JODY CHATHAM (Finance Manager) Washington USA


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