About Catherine Morgan

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Catherine is a successful Health & Lifestyle Specialist, whose unique and inspiring style of Practice, has helped numerous people to overcome their problems, achieve their goals, and transform their lives.

What Makes Catherine Different?
As a Grandmother in her 50’s, Catherine is a living example of the Lifestyle she promotes, oozing a Positive & Youthful persona, both inwardly and outwardly, to help and inspire her Clients.

…”If I were to use 3 words to describe Catherine, they would be INSPIRING, EMPATHIC & YOUTHFUL!
I’ve been to other people for help, but Catherine is the real deal, she’s helped me change my life for the better!”

Kimberley Kennedy  (West London)  UK

She is a qualified:-
~ Usui Reiki Master Practitioner
~ Advanced ThetaHealing® Practitioner
~ Personal/Life Coach
~ NLP (Dip)

Catherine has cultivated her natural gifts, and has successfully supported Clients with the following:-
~ Self Esteem & Confidence Building
Shifting Limiting Beliefs
Goal Setting
Stress Reduction
Pain Relief

To name a few…

Catherine uses her expertise and passion to assist people like you, in solving your problems, helping you to move from where you are, and support you along your journey to where you want to be, with an emphasis on developing a Healthy Mind, Body and Lifestyle.

THREE Reasons to Choose Catherine…

  1. She Has Done It Herself: Catherine has been through the hoops, and learned it all the hard way. She has tried all sorts of approaches and strategies to remedying her own Health and Improving her Life, finding out what works. There is always a greater connection and confidence in someone who has had similar experiences, and knows what it’s like!
  2. She Has Helped Others Do The Same: Catherine has been lucky enough to work with Numerous People just like you, seeing them time and again, take the necessary steps needed to achieve their dreams with positive results. Need a 2nd Opinion?  …See  a snapshot  of  Clients’  reviews  by clicking  on… “What Clients Say!”
  3. She is Qualified & Experienced: Catherine is Qualified Professionally, and besides extensive Courses & Studies over the past 20 years, most of her knowledge is Intuitive, Instinctive & self-taught, gained by years of experience, studying, observations, and practice, through working with people in different environments, and from varied backgrounds. Her Personal Development is constantly being updated and evolving, bringing a grounded and thorough approach to get results.

Catherine’s Interests…  

Unsurprisingly, Catherine has a keen interest in her own Health & Personal Development. When asked how she remains so youthful, Catherine puts it down to a combination of Good Genes, and living a Healthy & Fulfilling Lifestyle.

Catherine routinely does exercises in the form of Tai Chi, as well as attending classes at the Phoenix Tai Chi London Academy, run by Master Teacher Ong.  She also participates in charitable works close to her heart like Cancer Research (Race for Life).

LGR of Tai Chi    Copy of 8 Cath

Catherine adds, that further calories are shed, from running around after her Toddler Grandaughter, who seems to have a set of high-speed propellers for legs!

In addition to good health, the key life ingredients of Value for Catherine are:

~ LOVE (Giving & Receiving); and
~ LAUGHTER (a powerful antidote to stress, and great for boosting the mind & emotional state)

Catherine’s Motto is…

Live the Life you Love; &
Love the Life you Live


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